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Plotcasters Episode 6: Q&A

Colored version of Sticky Note Plot With great sticky notes comes great responsibility--to answer questions about stuff that you didn't make clear the first time! We've been taking questions vis the website and Twitter about the details of the Sticky Note Plot, and David has answered them. [...]

What the Sticky Notes Look Like

There was a request on the Plotcasters twitter feed about what the sticky note plot looks like when it's on the wall and why the colored stickies are important. Great question! It's difficult to visualize a physical process just from an auditory podcast, so our team has decided to [...]

Preview Episode 5 of Plotcasters

Itching for the next Episode 5 of Plotcasters? Look for it Friday, Sept 22. Topics will include Stick Note Drafting, in which David explains how to use a completed Sticky Note Plot to create a scene sheet that can be turned into a living outline in Scrivener. A new [...]

What is Plotcasters?

Thanks for dropping by! Plotcasters is a new podcast by author David Macinnis Gill. David teaches writing at the Vermont College of Fine Arts, where he shares craft techniques for writing novels, short stories, non-fiction, and works specifically for children. He's developed a story construction method called the Sticky Note [...]