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Podcast Summary

The Sticky Note Plot is a craft process for creating a story structure with character, setting, and action. In this podcast, David Macinnis Gill describes:

  • Sticky Note Plot overview
  • Preparing for the process
  • Generating the sticky note plot

Act 1: The beginning of your story. It has specific story elements that need to be included, starting with the setting. Setting is the time, place, and culture of the story, often called “The World As it Is.” There’s a call to action. The hero is given a task. It’s the moment when the character goes into motion.

Act 2: We no longer view Act 2 as one big chunk. Instead, we divide it into three parts. The first part is 2A. The third part is Act 2B. We split 2A and 2B right down the most to create the most important part, the Turn.


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About The Author

David Macinnis Gill

Host and Originator of Plotcasters, David Macinnis Gill is the author of SOUL ENCHILADA, BLACK HOLE SUN, INVISIBLE SUN, SHADOW ON THE SUN, RISING SUN, and UNCANNY from HarperCollins/Greenwillow and “Praise the Lord and Pass the Little Debbies” in RURAL VOICES from Candlewick. He teaches in the Vermont College of Fine Arts MFA in Writing for Children and Young Adults program.